Make 2021 the year you become a

Holistic Psychotherapist!

  • Over the course of 12 weeks learn the only training offered in the U.S. in Holistic Psychotherapy which offers practical clinical skills and techniques to incorporate in your work as a therapist
  • Learn how to assess and treat neurotransmitter deficiency naturally with neuro-nutrients
  • Learn holistic healing methods for a clinical setting which embody mind, brain, body, and spirit
  • Expand your scope of practice and your business 
  • Become a sought after expert in Holistic Psychotherapy in your community


 Holistic Psychotherapy Training

(Zoom-based) Online Course for Marriage & Family Therapists, Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors

Date: February 2021 TBA

Day: Tuesday

Time: 12:00pm-1:15 pm PST *recordings available

Timeframe: 12 Weeks

Location: Zoom Meeting Room-LIVE online Course 

Enroll to gain valuable clinical tools that will heal your clients holistically! Create a niche for yourself as an expert in Holistic Psychotherapy

For more detailed information about the NEED and the CURRENT TREND of Holistic Psychotherapy Interventions for our clients and more information about this training and additional training in neuro-nutrient therapy and energy psychology techniques please visit our website:


This is the holistic course you’ve been waiting for!

Are you a therapist, counselor, social worker or pre-licensed clinician interested in learning evidence-based holistic modalities which are practical and embody holistic healing? Are you a person who also lives a holistic lifestyle and wants to offer holistic interventions which can help your clients

Do you feel a burning desire to help your client heal NATURALLY from depression and anxiety without medication but don't know how? You see the PUSH for medication but know it is a BAND-AID on the root cause of your client's depression and anxiety yet you do not know which natural interventions can help? 

Would you like to be a holistic expert in your community who can be one of the only formally trained holistic psychotherapists who can offer holistic treatment which can INCREASE NEUROTRANSMITTER FUNCTIONING?

Are you tired of being pigeon-holed as an insurance only practitioner and would love to attract more CASH PAYING clients in your new niche as a HOLISTIC PSYCHOTHERAPIST?

In clean eating, yoga, mindfulness, and other healing modalities… 

Yet when you’re in a clinical setting you feel limited by what you've learned, and you know that using CBT and other traditional modalities such as referring to physicians for medication evaluations aren’t the only ways to make a difference. 

You see a clear-cut connection between your cilent's mental health symptoms and their diet, but don't know the path to offering nutritional advice for mental health and you want to be sure to be in your scope of practice...

Do you want to give sound NUTRITIONAL and SUPPLEMENT advice for optimum mental health that helps your client with a BLUEPRINT for success? All within your scope of practice?

Do you want to learn how ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY and MERIDIAN TAPPING can alter the subconsious and dramatically change CORE BELIEFS? to integrate your healthy lifestyle into your practice as you can see the benefits to eating a healthy diet, moderate exercise, yoga, meditation, and energy balance… 

But you want to use research-based methods that are within the scope of your education and training to help your clients heal holistically. 

You BELIEVE there is more to healing emotional states than just changing thoughts and perceptions.

You want more training in the CLINICAL INTERVENTIONS that can tap into NEURO-SCIENCE, the powerful SUBCONSCIOUS, and the ENERGY systems that drive behavior.

Greetings, my name is Ami Grace Quinn, LCSW.

My story...

Fifteen years ago I was prescribed medication. I suffered from postpartum depression, and extreme stress from a car accident and single-parenting. My thyroid and adrenals tanked because of the additional stress of becoming a new parent. I knew my cravings and sleep were out of control and I was a walking zombie! The physican was trying to treat my symptoms without treating the root cause and told me anti-depressants would make me feel better.  

My traditional education and “conventional” medicine were telling me that medication was the answer to my brain and body pain and depression, but I had a deep desire to find a natural alternative and help others using these same alternative methods to heal depression and anxiety. I read and studied every ortho-molecular medicine book out there and started to experiment with neuro-nutrients on my own. WOW! Did I see a difference. Some nutritional tweaks, energy work, and incorporating yoga changed my life. It became my PASSION to help others HEAL NATURALLY on this path so I took every training out there with the Neuro-nutrient masters and holistic healers and over the next 5-10 years fine-tuned my HOLISTIC SIGNATURE SYSTEM where I started seeing results with clients FAST.

Today I’m sharing specialized evidence-based knowledge to help practitioners reach more people and help them break through stubborn mental health issues with solid (not woo woo) holistic techniques and tools.  

As your teacher and Holistic Psychotherapist Master Trainer, I have over seventeen years of clinical experience and specialized training in Hypnotherapy, Energy psychology/meridian tapping, Certified Emotion Code/Energy healing practitioner, Neuro-nutrient therapy, Guided meditation, Yoga therapy, and Holistic health.  

With many years of specialized training in how neuro-nutrients promote positive mental health, I have developed and taught my Holistic Psychotherapy Training Course to over 500 students nationwide for a National Seminar Company. I now am offering a MUCH more comprehensive course to you as a clinican

You will learn my research-based signature system to heal anxiety and depression holistically.

It's cutting edge and progressive, and I’ve seen it work miraculously with clients over the last 15 years!

Learn about how mental health diagnoses correspond to low neuro-transmitter functioning.

Understand the major causes of depression and anxiety and which substances clients use to self-medicate as a guide in your treatment.

Use an innovative assessment tool to evaluate the connection between depression, anxiety and neurotransmitter deficiency.

Formulate an essential treatment plan using supplements and nutrients for decreasing depression and anxiety. 

Utilize and learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (Meridian Tapping), to rapidly release negative emotions, transform CORE BELIEFS AT THE SUBCONSCIOUS level and anchor in positive affirmations.

Discover a powerful hypnotherapy technique and the Wise Mind process to show your clients their resilience and inner strength. Learn the basics of Energy Hygiene, so you can ground and protect yourself in session and be clear of clients' energies, as well as basic clearing techniques.

Apply strategies such as guided meditation, NLP, visualization and the power of the Law of Attraction to create positive thinking and outcomes which lock in and transform core beliefs. 

Ready to integrate your holistic lifestyle with your clinical practice?

You’ll work on real case studies, be given assessment and treatment plans, and you’ll have the chance to come up with your own treatment plans.  

Once the course is complete you will feel qualified and ready to implement what you’ve learned. 

You can now take both level one and level two in this combined comprehensive 12 week program  

*upon completion: The Holistic Psychotherapy training course will require 2 case write-ups where instructor and clinician review two clinical cases using the techniques taught in the program.

With this course you’ll gain evidence-based knowledge, skills, and confidence to become a Holistic Psychotherapist.  

With further training and certification, you will set yourself apart from other practitioners.  

Look What Gina M. Has to say in her testimonial from Holistic Psychotherapy Training: "This class was outstanding in every aspect. Really, there are no words to describe the beauty of this topic and everything makes sense - Our brains are "starving" and depleted in amino acids and nutrients. You have made this class easy to understand through your online lectures, power-points, and the case-based examples! I also loved the energy work techniques, especially EFT and The "Wise Mind/Higher Self" process!! Now, I feel "complete" as a therapist!  

So grateful to have discovered your course and your teaching!  


Gina M. San Luis Obispo, CA

Working with Ami has honestly been a life-changing experience for me. I learned cutting edge information in this program that is difficult to find out there in a comprehensive holistic program for clinicians. Learning the information and receiving individual coaching made this program invaluable and was extremely helpful as I was able to bring actual cases in our training sessions and was able to learn the technique that would best help my clients holistically. Ami has a background in teaching and her passion shows in her work and how she conveys the information in an easy to understand manner. Her experience and knowledge as a Holistic Psychotherapist and national trainer was a huge asset to this program.

Ami goes at the pace you need and is very thorough with the information. Not only did I learn invaluable information that I can apply in my own business and now share with others, I was also able to experience her techniques first hand while she guided me through the process. Through EFT and Hypnotherapy I was able to identify and release self-limiting beliefs that I didn’t even realize were holding me back. Within one session of each, I have booked 6 clients calls and am feeling clearer and more confident in my work than ever. 

Overall, Ami holds incredible space for you as you learn. She is non-judgmental, compassionate, and committed to helping others achieve success in their lives. If you are considering it, I cannot recommend working with Ami enough! 

All my best!


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Get more clients you actually want to work with! 

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This live (zoom-based) online course will leave you feeling confident and ready to grow your Holistic Psychotherapy practice in a way that feels right for you! 

It’s cutting-edge... It’s progressive... You can take the course in the comfort of your own home over 12 weeks and it's starting soon...

Currently the course is being taught in an Individual Coaching/Mentoring framework which is taught live by the instructor weekly via zoom. We choose a day and time that works for you. The tuition can be paid in installments over the 12 week period. Please discuss course tuition and payment plans with instructor prior to registration to make sure the program is a good fit and you are qualified to do this next-level training.

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